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Security Camera Systems

Install a Security Camera or CCTV System for Your Business

Theft and vandalism can be very costly and damaging to your business or home. A security camera or CCTV system can be a valuable tool in preventing and recovering from theft, vandalism, and criminal mischief.

Security Camera System Design in Harrisburg, PA

A security camera system allows your valuable business and real estate assets to be monitored while providing a record of events that can be reviewed if there is ever a security problem. If you are concerned about security for your business or home, please call us.

At Bitner Electric, we are able to assess your needs and provide a security camera system design that will provide an added level of security to your business or home. In addition, we are able to provide maintenance and expansion solutions for existing security camera systems. If you are looking to increase safety around your building, our company also specializes in parking lot and security lighting. Contact us today to learn more!

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