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Bucket Truck Service

Bucket Truck Service

Bucket Truck Service Near you

In order to accommodate most aerial maintenance and installation scenarios we have several bucket trucks of varying heights. These trucks allow us to install and maintain parking lot lighting, signs, aerial communications hardware, overhead service wiring, and any other electrical or communication devices that are above normal working heights. Our bucket truck service is available to customers in Harrisburg, PA and the surrounding areas.

Van and Double Bucket Truck Services

The van bucket trucks we use can reach working heights of 32 feet. These trucks are perfect for installing and maintaining building lighting, low-profile parking lot lights, small signs, and aerial service conductors.

Our double bucket truck allows us to reach working heights up to 55 feet. This height is usually sufficient to service most parking lot lights, area lights, and medium to large signs. This truck can carry two passengers in the bucket, which is especially useful for large sign repair, parking lot fixture installations, and other bucket truck service that requires two electricians to perform aerial work.

Van Bucket Trucks