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Utility and Telephone Pole Installation and Sales

Utility and telephone pole installations are often necessary to distribute power and communication cabling, and offer a cost effective way to support wiring and equipment. Auger Truck We have installed thousands of poles in Central Pennsylvania and other regions of the state. We regularly use the Pennsylvania One Call System, and we are familiar with regulations concerning underground excavation and underground utility identification. Our auger truck has a heavy-duty 15,000-pound digging capacity, and can set wooden poles with heights up to 70 feet. It also has the ability to drill holes to a maximum depth of 10 feet with a diameter of either 18 or 24 inches. We stock the poles we install, so we are able to offer our customers a fast and affordable solution to their utility pole projects. We also offer direct sales of utility poles to consumers. All of the poles we stock are pressure treated, and are milled with the same quality standards and treatments that are used by the local utility companies.

 The following are common telephone pole installations scenarios:

  • Private Power Distribution

  • Temporary Electrical Services

  • Telecommunication Antennas

  • Signs

  • Sports Lighting

  • Billboards

  • Parking Lot Lighting

  • Supports for Safety Netting or Playgrounds

  • Mobile Home Parks

  • Hole Excavation for Parking Lot Lighting Bases

  We currently stock the following telephone poles:
  • 20 Foot Class 5 CCA

  • 25 Foot Class 5 CCA

  • 30 Foot Class 5 CCA

  • 35 Foot Class 5 CCA

  • 40 Foot Class 5 CCA

  • 45 Foot Class 3 CCA

  • 55 Foot Class 3 CCA

 Call us if your job requires a pole that is not in stock.
 We are able to order poles in custom sizes with special treatments.

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